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Workers’ Compensation

We Work With Workers' Compensation Claims Throughout Abilene, TX.

The doctors and physicians at Abilene Sports Medicine and Orthopedics have experience in handling work-related illnesses and injuries that fall under Texas workers’ compensation law. We specialize in broken bones, joint discomfort, muscle disorders, chronic pain relief, injuries, and pain, and we will help you find a treatment plan to help relieve your symptoms and restore your functionality as it was prior to your workplace incident. We provide knee surgery, sports medicine, peripheral neuropathy, and general orthopedics to cater to any of our patients throughout the Abilene, TX area.

Rest assured that we understand how complicated and frustrating the workers’ compensation process can be. Under our care, patients can get back to leading their normal lives, and we help Texas employers reduce lost time, protect current and future employees from similar injuries, and rehabilitate their employees so they can get back on their feet and into the workforce again. We offer rehabilitation medicine as well as physical therapy to ensure you are ready to return to your respective jobs! We encourage you to speak with one of our orthopedic doctors to discuss treatment plans and create a medical plan just right for you!

  • Accessibility for early diagnosis and treatment for the injured patient
  • Ongoing communication with employers, case managers, and insurance personnel to provide prompt conservative treatment
  • Board-certified, fellowship-trained expertise across multiple orthopedic subspecialties
  • Personalized care for every concern

Let Our Workers' Compensation Doctor Help You

If you have been hurt at work, you should contact a workers’ compensation doctor as soon as possible to receive specialized care. Our clinic possesses the certifications and experience required to provide you with the medical services you need. We will make sure your injury is properly identified and treated; we will also make sure that you properly file your workers’ compensation claim and negotiate with your employer and insurance company to ensure you get the coverage and reimbursement you deserve. Workers’ compensation benefits can help cover medical expenses, therapy, household bills, and any other necessary costs that you might have. We understand that if you’ve sustained an injury on the job there are likely dozens of things to think about. It’s important to take the time to get in touch with our workers’ compensation doctor as quickly as you can after your injury to make sure you’re going through the claim process in an accurate and legal way. This helps ensure that you get the compensation you deserve as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our team will provide the care you need. Reach out today to schedule an appointment!