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Knee and hip pain is not uncommon in the sports world, especially since they are the body’s largest joints. These structures support the body’s weight and provide mobility. Individuals of all activity levels can experience knee and hip pain, so it is important that the conditions are diagnosed correctly and treated correctly to prevent further injury. Finding a physical therapist that you can trust is crucial to the healing process. Whether you have hip pain or knee pain, the goal of physical therapy is to help reduce the pain and improve overall functional mobility. Some active treatments may include specific exercises and stretching exercises while passive treatments may include ultrasound, electrical stimulation, massage, heat therapy, or cold therapy. Each of these treatments are put in place to help reduce inflammation and pain along with accelerating the healing process.

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Physical therapy is a natural, non-invasive way to help with pain relief. Your hips and knees do a lot of work over the course of a lifetime making it important that it needs to be corrected the right way. Physical therapy can improve your joint function while also easing your pain and stiffness. Our physical therapists can prescribe exercises aimed at addressing your specific condition. We can tailor our knee and hip pain treatments to your exact needs.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Knee Pain

  • Improve Range of Motion: Physical therapy for knee pain will improve the range of mobility in the knee joint. It also increases the strength and mobility of the tendons, fascia, and muscles around it.
  • Holistic Pain Management: Knee pain can be treated with physical therapy modalities that have been shown to ease pain, reduce spasms, increase circulation, and increase strength. These improvements can improve the whole body as well and not just the knee itself.
  • Reduce Need For Surgery: When you seek routine physical therapy treatment for knee pain, you don’t allow the bad condition to develop. If a condition develops far enough without treatment, it can lead to the need for surgery. Knee surgery can be invasive and you need to account for recovery time. If you catch the knee pain in time, you can treat it with physical therapy.
  • Improved Balance: Knee pain can cause you to lose your balance when you are standing, walking, or about to sit down. This is potentially dangerous because loss of balance can lead to a harmful fall. Physical therapy for knee pain will improve your balance after a while because it improves the strength of the knee.

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