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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Services Across Abilene, TX

Sports-related injuries frequently are the source of problems later in life, especially ankle, back, and arthritis pain. Starting up a new sport or exercise regimen can raise new issues, too. We commonly see golfers and tennis players with elbow and knee problems. It’s a good idea to heed the warning signs of an injury and not “play through” to the point of constant pain which could lead to severe complications down the road. That doesn’t mean you have to hang up the towel for good, but it does mean taking time to heal and rehabilitate your injury. Our sports medicine specialists know just what to do. We are professional sports medicine doctors that provide our patients with rehabilitation medicine to help relieve either chronic pain or compression fractures.

Abilene Sports Medicine and Orthopedics sports medicine doctors and surgeons are well acquainted with big-time players, including those from the NBA San Antonio Spurs, WNBA San Antonio Stars, AHL San Antonio Rampage, Summer Olympic trials, UT Baseball, ACU basketball, high school heroes, and weekend warriors. As athletes themselves, our sports medicine team has the special training and expertise to correctly address athletic injuries with a thorough understanding of the importance and the risks of sports. A broken bone may seem like not a big deal but if not addressed properly it could be devastating to an athlete’s career.

While sports injuries can certainly occur in any part of the body, orthopedic sports medicine surgeons most commonly repair ankles, knees, backs, and shoulders. They also provide guidance for injury prevention. Heading off overuse syndromes or ACL injuries, suggesting helpful nutrition, and making sure beginning players understand their anatomy is part of the “game plan” in sports medicine. If you require a sports medicine doctor, please feel free to set up an appointment with our Abilene, TX clinic today!