Fracture Care

Quality Fracture Care When You Need It

Did you know that fractured bones are the most common problems seen and treated by orthopedic doctors? In fact, each year bout 6.8 million Americans experience a fracture. While bones are very strong and rigid, they do have some “give” when force is applied. A fall, a car accident, or an injury at work can quickly send you to the nearest emergency room. You’ll need to see an orthopedic or workers’ compensation doctor as soon as possible to make sure your fracture is treated properly.

If you or a loved one is suffering pain following a fractured bone, rely on the general orthopedics at Abilene Sports Medicine and Orthopedics. Through cutting-edge therapies, we can help you with a variety of painful conditions. Fractured bones can be caused due to trauma including a vehicle accident or during a sporting game, due to osteoporosis which weakens the bones, or overuse which can cause stress fractures.

Fractured bones can be very painful and cause common symptoms including swelling, tenderness, bruising, and deformity. When you are experiencing a fractured bone, our general orthopedics office will carefully examine your condition and the extent of the injury. We can provide clear images of the bone and provide you with the best possible solution. Choose Abilene Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

Common Types of Fractures

There are three common types of fractures, each classified according to how the bone breaks or cracks.

  • Complete Fractures: The bone has a “clean break,” so it is in separate pieces.
  • Partial Fracture: The bone is cracked and doesn’t have a “clean break.”
  • Open/Compound Fracture: The bone has broken to the point where it is penetrating or breaking through the skin and exposed.

Signs of a Broken Bone

Generally, you can tell if you have broken a bone or not. This type of injury is mostly characterized by a snapping or cracking sound followed by immediate pain and swelling. The area may be tender to the touch or feel hot. In some cases, the affected limb may be out of alignment or you may even see a bone poking through the skin.

From broken and fractured bones to pulled muscles and infection, Abilene Sports Medicine and Orthopedics has you covered. Our staff will order you an X-ray or another type of imaging test so that we can confirm and correct your condition. Call or visit our clinic in Abilene, TX to get started!