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Total Joint Replacement

As we age, arthritis and other degenerative conditions can cause a great deal of pain in your joints. The pain can become disabling, holding you back from the activities you enjoy. Even walking or raising your arm can be painful.

As one of the leading centers for joint replacement in the southwestern United States, Abilene Sports Medicine & Orthopedics joint replacement surgeons help many people each year return to active lifestyles.

Abilene Sports Medicine & Orthopedics surgeons begin with conservative management, prescribing medication, physical therapy, or improved nutrition, to manage pain and attempt to slow the wearing away of the joint's cushion. When this approach is no longer effective, joint replacement surgery may be recommended. As with all surgery, there are always risks to consider.

New surgical techniques using smaller incisions can offer shorter hospital stays and recovery periods. The physicians at Abilene Sports Medicine are on the forefront of these advances. However, no one technique is right for everyone. At Abilene Sports Medicine & Orthopedics, a careful examination and consultation always precedes any recommendation.

Common joint replacement procedures include: