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Foot & Ankle

Active lifestyles for all ages make us more aware of our feet and ankles and the way pain can limit movement and function, including full participation in sports. That's why Abilene Sports Medicine has a team of foot and ankle specialists to diagnose and address the complete range of foot and ankle concerns. We handle adult and pediatric foot and ankle conditions.

Fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons work to resolve pain, stabilize injuries, repair foot and ankle fractures, correct child and infant foot concerns, and manage the impact of arthritis or diabetes.
The physicians at Abilene Sports Medicine & Orthopedics strike a balance between quickly providing relief and carefully weighing the choices. Many times, foot pain is addressed simply, without surgery. Medication, appropriate exercise, or therapeutic shoes can make a big difference for some people. At times when pain or malformation limit everyday activities, surgery may be considered to bring bones, ligaments, tendons, or even nerves to their correct positions.

Common Foot and Ankle Conditions and Treatments

Whether routine foot care or complex surgery is recommended, patients and their families can be certain they are in skilled, expert hands at Abilene Sports Medicine & Orthopedics. To arrange a consultation with an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist, please call our office in Abilene, Texas.